About Us

!! Welcome to the Indian Cultural Center, Bloomington, IN !!
Our Vision:

To create a Cultural Center to Learn, Promote, and Share Asian-Indian Heritage, Values, and Wisdom in the Greater Bloomington Area.

Our Mission:
We will Learn, Promote, and Share through:
  • Children’s Social, Sports, Spiritual, and Leadership Development
  • Senior’s Social, Health, Healing, and Wisdom Sharing
  • Cultural Festivities
  • Arts and Talent Shows and Development
  • Business Networking
  • Community Charity Programs
  • Community Health and Wellness
Our Values:
We will be guided by these Core Values:
  • Mutual Reverence
  • Unity
  • Transparency
  • Timeliness

Our Programmes

Indian Culture
Indian Cultural Center

Festivals. Events. Food. Music.

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Maruti Prayers and Meditation
Shantam Spiritual Center

Peace. Meditation. Yoga.

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Visamo - Take a Break

Breath. Visamo. Relax.

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